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penguins on the beach!

The penguins at Cattolica Aquarium were all born in a controlled environment and were not taken away from their natural habitat. These penguins are part of a protection and conservation project promoted and coordinated by the EAZA European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, involving several centres in Italy and the rest of Europe.

The new penguin exhibit on the Blue Itinerary is an essential part of the mission of Cattolica Aquarium, which has always been committed to raising the awareness of the public and educating it on the conservation, use and responsible management of aquatic environments by discovering animal species and their habitats.

In line with this mission, the spacious pool dedicated to our penguins offers visitors the chance to stop for a minute, to think about the protection of these birds. Cattolica Aquarium is committed to making the public aware of the responsibility of humankind with respect to the environment. Serious environmental degradation, a decline in fish populations and drastic climate changes severely threaten the natural habitat of these penguins. The new exhibit is therefore an important starting point for reflection on all these issues, an important opportunity for students, families and children, who can come into contact with new animals and new themes to help them develop their sense of responsibility and respect for a world still capable of amazing us.

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