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advice for visits

Otters are nocturnal animals that alternate moments of hunting and play with short but frequent periods of collective rest that reinforce social relations.

To see the otters in all their splendour, we advise you to visit the Yellow Itinerary while they are being fed. Usually the otters are most active both before and after their moments of interaction with our staff.

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oriental small-clawed otters

The otters at Cattolica Aquarium were not taken away from their natural habitat, and were born in a controlled environment.


These otters are part of a protection and conservation project promoted and coordinated by the EAZA European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, involving several centres in Italy and the rest of Europe.


The new otter exhibit on the Yellow Itinerary is an essential part of the mission of Cattolica Aquarium, which has always been committed to raising the awareness of the public and educating it on the conservation, use and responsible management of aquatic environments by discovering animal species and their habitats.

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Aonyx cinerea


Habitat degradation, pollution and hunting have led the oriental small-clawed otter to be considered to be a species at risk of extinction by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.



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