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Cattolica Aquarium, always committed to raising the awareness of the public and educating it on conservation and the responsible management of the environment and enhancing its knowledge of the animal world, supports and assists a selected group of operators and associations working directly in the protection of endangered species.

Over the years, these operators and associations have obtained excellent results, but much remains to be accomplished, and this is why we need your help.

In 2010, Cattolica Aquarium started the Save and Endangered Species project, with the aim of supporting operators and associations working every day to guarantee a future for many threatened species.

This is made possible by an ample network of collaboration with the best structures dedicated to protecting these species by means of carefully targeted and documented projects, implemented by specialized teams in various parts of the world, including the Mediterranean.

With the SAVE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES project, we have opened a new chapter in which every one of you will be able to gather information and actively contribute according to your preferences and opinions. Choose the project you feel most enthusiastic about, find out more and get to know the organizations working every day to safeguard the survival of various threatened species.

Visit the official site of the Save an Endangered Species project and make your choice!

Our mission:

  1. To raise the awareness of the public and to involve it by means of direct contact with animals and species present both locally and in more distant locations.
  2. To bring younger generations closer to the animal world by means of information and emotional contact.
  3. To create educational activities and informational projects suitable for schools and universities.
  4. To contribute, by participating in major international protection and conservation projects, in the safeguarding of the genetic heritage of endangered species.

Cattolica Aquarium aims to be not only a window to display the marvels of our world, but also a place of discovery and information that can actively help to correctly sensitize public opinion with its management and organizational policies, improving the future of these species with your contribution as well. Creating opportunities, ideas for dialogue and informative documentation enhances the current state of knowledge of every one of us, actively contributing in raising public awareness.

Faced with the dramatic situation of several of the world’s species, Cattolica Aquarium becomes an even more precious place, testifying to the value of life and a means of conservation of its genetic heritage.

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