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the new stars of the green itinerary

Our spectacular Chameleons are a vital part of Cattolica Aquarium’s Green Itinerary, fascinating animals that considerably enhance the emotional and educational value of this splendid section. Presented in a new exhibit that reproduces their natural habitat, visitors can observe their behaviour as they move from one branch to another or while they change colour to camouflage themselves.

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Chamaeleo calyptratus

Chameleons change colour thanks to special cells situated in the deeper layer of the skin, called “chromatophores”. These cells, present in the dermis and controlled by the animal’s nervous system, contain pigments of various colours that by expanding and contracting allow the chameleon to change colour. This does not mean however that chameleons can become any colour. Every species in fact has a particular range of colouration within which it can change colour, but the colour cannot change to a radically different one outside this range. Chameleons can change colour depending on their emotional state, temperature variations, whether or not they feel threatened, if another chameleon approaches, the light present in the surroundings, or their state of health.

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