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Here comes the first beach penguin on the Adriatic Coast

Acquario di Cattolica emotions have no end, and the joy and satisfaction is growing up for the birth of the first Humboldt penguin. This is the first birth of this species in the structure showing how Acquario di Cattolica Staff has been able to recreate the environmental conditions that characterize the habitat of this colony of 12 specimens.

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Like all penguins also this species is monogamous and usually create pairs that remain fixed throughout life. It is the case of Babba and Lalla, the parents of the child that was born after a brief courtship, which lasted a few months, and which have signed their union for life, since December 2010.



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The Baby

The baby, born April 29, 2013 at birth weighed a few grams. His body is now covered with gray hair, typical of the early stages of life, but soon he will have the black and white plumage as adults have. Currently it weighs 2.70; sign of good health of the newcomer, but it does not have a name yet. To understand the sex of the baby, in fact, we have to wait for a DNA test to be performed on the feathers that the penguin will lose during the first moult.

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Feeding Time

The little penguin, is currently still powered by parents who regurgitate predigested food in its beak, but very soon he will begin weaning which provides a supplement to the diet with food given by the staff until the complete replacement of the food given by the father and mother. Only after the first moult, which occurs after three months of life, the baby will dive into the water. By the time, he can enjoy the care of mom and dad, named Lalla and Babba who do not lose sight even for a moment and take care of him also during their meal. The small reach independence in a period varying between 9 and 17 weeks, depending on the quantity and quality of the food received.

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